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The Luca Foundation was set up by Sharon Luca-Chatha to raise money to provide resources, facilities and training to better serve families that have suffered the loss of a baby or those at high risk of doing so.

We know first hand, the devastating affect the death of a child has upon a family, and how important it is to be able to say goodbye.

Through a calendar of events, activities and donations, families will be supported through the provision of cuddle cots to allow them the time they need to say goodbye to their baby. In response to this, The Luca Foundation also be raises funds to provide research and training to reduce infant mortality and provide support for bereaved parents.

We recognise the impact on mental health surrounding the subject of loss for families including children. The charity, therefore, published a book as a guide that explains bereavement to children whilst protecting their mental health. This book was written by the founder ‘Sharon Luca’ when her younger son at the age of four and a half asked how his older brother Luca died. This led to more questions and the realisation that there was no modern-day book that explains this to children. The book and the charity were acknowledged by Kensington Palace back in 2021 by the now Prince and Princess of Wales.

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A CuddleCot can give families up to an extra week with their baby, to make memories such as foot and hand carts. Photos and take in all their features. The equipment keeps the body cool, ensuring that the child does not deteriorate too quick. 
After this time they will not be able to see their baby again, therefore it’s vital for the parents and families mental health to have this very important equipment. 
Quite often it can take up to 48 hours or more for the initial shock to be absorbed, therefore it is vital the baby is with the parents when the grieving process starts. This is imperative for the long-term mental health. 
As a charity we ensure that all CuddleCots and Cuddle blankets across England and Wales are kept in working order through funding spare parts and fully servicing of equipment that is not working. 
We do not want any parents to go without that vital ‘gift of time’, with their child for the final period. 

Our Mission

Provide research, training and
provide support for grieving parents

The Luca Foundation was set up in memory of Luca, who was born sleeping in June 2012.
Our original mission was to provide a cold cuddle cot for every maternity unit in the UK, (there are 157 NHS Trusts with a number of units at present), to allow bereaved families more time to say goodbye to their angel babies, something we did not have when Luca died.

The cost of each cuddle cot is £1750 + VAT.

We are finding, however, that where hospitals already have one or more cots in place in their units, they are requesting for repairs or other support.

In response to this, The Luca Foundation also be raises funds to provide research and training to reduce infant mortality and provide support for bereaved parents.

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