‘Endless Love’ Teddy Bear

The founder based the collection on what she would have liked given when she lost Luca in 2012, rather than just tons of flowers that you run out of vases for and then they die anyway. These are more touching personal types of gifts to give to the grieving family or couple or individual. And it’s not just suitable for child loss but all types of loss.

“The teddy bear opens up at the back and contains a 10cm sustainable tub in which you can keep ashes or a lock of hair, anything that is precious to you about the loved one you’ve lost. It seals back up and you can cuddle it, which is why it’s called the Endless Love range, because it’s a teddy bear that gives endless love.

“You’ll always have something of your loved one to cuddle which is unique and I’m not aware of anything like this that has been available before.” 💜



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