Why Did Grandad Die? A Family Guide of Death and Bereavement for Children Book

Why Did Grandad Die?

Sharon’s ambition for the book, which features illustrations by Exhall artist Phaedra Elson, is to one day see it in every classroom in the country.

Sharon explained: “When my son Ky was at school and he would tell his classmates ‘I have a brother in the sky’ and said some of them laughed because they didn’t understand that so it would have been nice for the teacher to then pull a book out and say ‘this is what Ky means.’

“The book explains death in a very child-friendly way and I would like it to end up in all primary schools so it can aid a real life conversation as a tool for bereavement, and so the rest of the class can understand why that person is upset.

“People touched by loss and ex-teachers are saying it is a wonderful book and much needed and something that has been missing from the bookshelves for a long time.”

Why Did Grandad Die? is available, priced £9.99 from The Luca Foundation website where 100% of the proceeds will go back into the charity. It is also available on Amazon.



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